goodtech is closing down this month, and I'll miss the crap out of all of you
Also featuring rewilding your attention, fixing UI to reduce language barriers for unemployment, really good reads, and voting
Also featuring compassion burnout, what you learn from Margaret Atwood, the legal status of ecosystems, rotary cellphones, making sense of tech ethics…
Also featuring student loan interest, floatovoltaics, sentient AI, DIY ISPs, LTSE, charity TikTok, and some founder opportunities you won’t want to miss
The memory of picking up my first grader from the school bus stop the day of Sandy Hook is more vivid to me than 9/11, the first day of lockdown, and…
Also featuring internet vending machines, rational do-gooding, a lot of stuff about the metaverse, and the future of goodtech
Also featuring: Africa's mobile money tax problem, McKinsey for Kids, and what online communities mean for the future of governance
Also featuring American tech manufacturing (?!), Zuck’s Icelandic roast, and a FOIA request that’ll take 55 years
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